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this is me

I am a wedding + family photographer, based in Kitchener, Ontario, with a camera in my hand at all times. A few notes about me...

I am a lover of hot, cold, lukewarm, reheated, forgotten coffee.

I can karaoke for 12+ hours. No lyrics needed.

I love to watch movies but I need to watch the ending first.

I am in a battle with my phone storage and iCloud, all day, everyday.

I love learning new languages.

I will stay on the dance floor until the lights turn on. Hate when this happens!

I love dogs, so if you have a dog, please bring them to your photo shoot!

My documenting style is simple, emotion-filled, and authentic. I love meeting new people and capturing couples' love stories and celebrating family mile stones. As your photographer, I will be the friend guiding you during every step of the photography process, capturing all the special moments, especially the ones in-between.


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